Fav Photo-Lorriane -Starla-3794Are you suffering from chronic health problems that are affecting your life?

Are you struggling with emotional issues that are not changing regardless of working with a therapist or counselor?

Are you dissatisfied with your personal or professional life?

Are you tired of working with traditional and alternative   approaches and nothing seems to help?

If you are upset because nothing is changing in your life, allow me to introduce you to Energy Healing.

What is Energy Healing ?
Energy healing is the releasing of energy blocks held in the Human Energy Field or Aura including the chakras. The Aura which is comprised of seven layers that surrounds and penetrates the physical body is the blueprint for the human body. The Aura governs each aspect of the human experience that is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual in nature and includes all of our memories, beliefs, patterns, childhood and family traumas. The Aura correlates to each chakra.

The seven major chakras which is an integral part of the Aura are energy centers located in the middle of the human body which begin at the base of the spine and end at the top of the head. Each chakra nourishes the major organs and systems in the body and involves mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

Blockages form in the body from stress; poor diet; unhealthy relationships; unresolved childhood and family traumas; negative attitudes; destructive beliefs. The longer the energy blocks are held in the body, the greater the opportunity for physical or emotional dis-ease or illness to manifest.

How Energy Healing Works
The healer uses the ancient art of laying-on-of-hands, as well as healing techniques and becomes a channel for healing energy. It is by working within the layers and structures of the Energy Field that the blocks are released, the structures of the Aura are repaired and recharged and the flow of the vital energy is restored, allowing the body to begin its innate healing process.

Energy Healing is beneficial for:

  • joint and back pain
  • headaches
  • chronic and mysterious pain
  • healing support before and after surgery
  • asthma
  • kidney, liver and gall bladder issues
  • digestion problems
  • endocrine issues
  • heart conditions
  • autoimmune diseases
  • relieving side effects from chemo/radiation in cancer treatment
  • female reproductive disorders
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • trauma and addiction recovery
  • relationship issues
  • emotional challenges
  • life transitions
  • grief
  • regaining positive life force
  • obtaining a deeper relationship with Spirit
  • connecting with life’s purpose.

Working with Lorraine has changed my life in the most amazing ways. I came to Lorraine with an inflamed arthritic condition called Reiters Syndrome that was spreading into many of my joints, making it painfully difficult to move and filling me with uncontrollable fear. Lorraine helped me discover the physical/emotional connection and how tragic childhood events had created negative patterns that over a lifetime were creating this physical crisis. She helped me heal my condition, release old destructive patterns and raise my awareness so I was able to replace and establish healthier new patterns.

Her work has helped me heal the most important relationships in my life and has given me the tools to help myself when things get overwhelmingly stressful. Lorraine is a true angel and here to help guide us through and transform our greatest fears. Working with her is a miracle and if you are open and ready to do the work the results will be positively life changing.”

Victoria Elia-San Pedro, California-Yoga Teacher