Healing Family Patterns

Are you liFav Photo-Lorriane -Starla-3794ving the life you really want to live?

Many of us can’t explain why we feel the way we do. We are not happy. We are very fearful. We don’t take care of ourselves. The deeper reasons may lie in the way we unconsciously repeat our family history or patterns.

These patterns become energy blockages or imbalances that are held in our cells. Over time, these blockages can cause physical and emotional dis-ease. Chronic illness, depression, financial instability, unfulfilled relationships and jobs can be a form of unconscious inheritance.

The Family Constellation Technique follows the principle of healing which affirms that all energetic systems seek balance to be healthy. Everyone has an unconscious and consistent longing to obtain a state of balance which can bring us healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives. This technique helps bring attention to the imbalances or patterns through a new awareness and a change in perception which allows a different and positive life path to be taken. The results can transform your life.

If you have any questions about healing family patterns and would like to schedule a free consultation or private session, please email Lorraine@lorrained.com or call 610-363-5857.

Lorraine really has a gift and as a result, I am experiencing a new freedom I would have never expected: embracing the love and presence of my deceased mother and brother in an entirely different way.”

Mary Lyn Miller- Redondo Beach, California-Author, Trainer, Transition Coach and Speaker