Healing Services

My Healing Hands by RuthieI provide in-person and long distance energy healing sessions. My services include:

Brennan Healing Science:

  • Chelation
  • Hara Healing
  • Core Star Healing
  • Cord Healing
  • Heart Healing
  • Past Life Healing
  • Astral Healing
  • Spine Cleaning
  • Spiritual Surgery
  • Organ Healing

Also, I have developed my own personal brand of energy healing which has been cultivated from the various modalities I have studied.

In my experience and research, I found that clients make noticeable improvements at a rapid rate when they have 3 consecutive weekly healing sessions and make significant improvements that are life changing when they have 7 bi-weekly healing sessions. Therefore, I offer the following two Programs:

Accelerate Healing Program or 3 Session Series
After the Accelerate Healing Program, my clients experience:

  • Sense of lightness/freedom
  • Minimal to no anxiety
  • Solutions to specific problems
  • Relief of physical pain

Transformation Healing Program or 7 Session Series
After the Transformation Healing Program, my clients encounter:

  • Deeper understanding into the root cause of the issue
  • Improved relationships
  • Enhanced sense of well-being
  • Reduced medication

In addition, my clients are having great results with energy healings that support any surgical procedures they may have. Therefore, I am offering the Pre-Op/Post-Op Healing Series which consist of 1 healing session before surgery and 1 healing session after surgery.

After the Pre-Op/Post-Op Healing Series, my clients experience:

  • Less fear
  • Minimal to no side-effects
  • Minimal to no pain medication
  • Faster recovery time

Another area where my clients are having considerable results with energy healings is in helping them heal their grief and broken hearts due to the loss of a loved one or pet, separation or divorce. Thus, I am offering the Grief Recovery Series which includes 3 consecutive healing sessions.

After the Grief Recovery Series, my clients experience:

  • Less guilt, anger and anxiety
  • Relief of heaviness in the heart
  • More energy and clarity to move on
  • A new sense of acceptance

Single Healing Session:

60 Minute Session—- 90 Minute Sessions—- 2 Hour Sessions

” I recently had hip replacement surgery and the speed of my recovery has astounded my doctors and physical therapists. I progressed from using a walker to using a cane within 10 days and was walking unassisted by 2 weeks post-op. I am so far ahead of the “normal” curve I am somewhat of a celebrity where I do my rehab. I believe whatever Lorraine did in my pre and post-op healings was the reason for my accelerated recovery. Its like she somehow set up my energy field to supercharge the response to my surgery and physical therapy and as an outcome, my physical body is showing incredible results.”
Peggy Laganelli-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-Nurse, RNC

” Working with Lorraine to assist me with a life issue, I found her to be kind, compassionate and understanding. Her expertise in how the Spirit World works is exceptional. I was helped on a very deep core level! I highly recommend her work to humanity during these troubling times.”

Josie Zappia- San Pedro, California-Massage Therapist, CMT