Healing a Heart That’s Grieving

I remember the day as if it were yesterday when my brother, who was seven years, was hit by a car. He was walking home from school and died upon impact of the crash. Our family was in shock, deep pain and our hearts were broken. If many of you are grieving now from losing a loved one, I know exactly how you feel.

Grief leads to many emotions, including anger, shock, fear, and guilt. As an Intuitive Energy Healer for  over 20 years, I can’t bring your loved one physically back, but I can help you move forward in your life and guide you to connect with your loved ones. I know for sure that no one’s soul ever dies, and someday you will be with your loved one again.

I have supported numerous grieving people in my healing practice; however, many of my experiences come from watching my mother heal our family’s grieving hearts. I hope my personal and professional experiences will heal your heart, too.

1- My mother would read the newspaper and look for children who died and then she would write a letter to the parents offering her sympathy and support. She would read us the letters she received expressing how healing and inspiring her words were for them.

  • Writing letters, poetry or journaling are powerful ways you can release grief’s suppressed feelings. The intention of these words is so healing for many people, including you and your loved ones who have gone.

2- Our family planted a tree in honor of my brother in our backyard.

  • Our loved ones are grateful when you honor them in generous ways. By planting a tree, giving a donation, starting a foundation in their honor, you are keeping their memory alive and helping others.

3- At Christmas time, my mother would decorate the tree by hanging my brother’s favorite toys on it.

  • On holidays and special events, your loved ones will still be with you and you can make that day a wonderful one by honoring the person’s life. For example, at Christmas, you can put a poem or love letter in a gift-wrapped box and place it under the tree. On their birthday, you can save a chair for them at the dinner table and celebrate their special day.

How have you healed your grieving heart?

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2 Responses to Healing a Heart That’s Grieving

  1. joan kaspin says:

    Lorraine, you have been helping me heal and open up my heart. Releasing pain and trauma that i have been holding from decades ago so that I can now be present. Thank you. And, I too lost a brother and think of him often. Now, I honor his memory by planting trees in Israel.

  2. Joan, your heart has been opening up so beautifully! Your brother is very grateful for how you honored his memory. Just as those trees grow, so will your love for your brother and his love for you! Thanks for your heartfelt comment!

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