How Does Intuition Speak to You?

Have you ever thought of someone and the phone rings and it’s that person? We all have experienced this type of intuition.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “Intuition is a natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence.”

If you want to use your intuition to create greater success in your professional and personal life, you must first understand how it speaks to you or how you receive intuitive information.

Intuition is subtle and it comes to everyone differently. Some people receive messages in their dreams or see visions, symbols, or images which can appear in quick flashes or unfold slowly, like a movie in their mind’s eye. This intuitive seeing is called clairvoyance.

Your intuition may speak to you in a thought, in words, or a song. This intuitive hearing  is called clairaudience.

You might even notice physical sensations, such as goose bumps, discomfort in your gut, or your legs feel heavy, or your throat feels tight or your heart beats really fast.

You may sense negative emotions, such as confusion, uneasiness or something is off or not quite right when your intuition is trying to steer you away from something or someone.

The messages can be positive, such as feelings of joy and profound peace when your intuition is telling you to move toward something or someone. These intuitive physical and emotional feelings are called clairsentience.

Other times, messages are simply a profound sense of knowing and sureness. It’s spontaneous and comes from nowhere. You may find yourself saying, “I know it deep down in my soul” or “I know in my heart of hearts.” This intuitive knowing is called claircognizance.

How do you receive intuitive information?

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